Bursting Seams

Bursting Seams could very well be an exercise in oversharing: emotionally honest and bare to the point of discomfort, but also with just a slight edge of challenge. In her first collection, Jollin stares her body shame in the face, then turns it to the reader as though daring one to confront the reality of being a young teenage girl in a world where the struggle with body image is almost a rite of passage, and notions of body positivity are only just beginning to enter her consciousness. To date, it is her most raw collection yet, and takes on issues that must be talked about.

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Derivative Faith

Jollin's second collection of poetry was written in the wake of watching her uncle pass away, and observing her aunt's stoic grief in the corners of every day life. It explores an imagined mourning, very much from the angle of someone too young to really comprehend enormous pain except through the lens of the different types of faiths she has known through life.

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Upcoming: I Dislocated A Memory

I Dislocated A Memory is Jollin's third collection of poetry, as yet unpublished and still in its finishing stages. The poems in this collection remain intensely personal but depart from Jollin's earlier style, which she self-deprecatingly refers to as "a little bit like wailing". These poems take on a quieter mood, as though trying to be adults. That is, they masquerade as a given idea of what an adult should look like in the face of heartbreak, though they don't really succeed. The end result is very much like observing an ugly blooming from outside a glass cage.

(Cover by Joella Kiu Qingyi)

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